Prayer to the Most Holy Name of Jesus


January 3

The Holy Name of Jesus represents the incarnation of God among men on earth. It is the Name above all names. It is the Most Holy Name that deserves the greatest honour and glories, above all other feasts. Because of our living hope in the Name of “Jesus”, we have the assurance of our resurrection and eternal salvation.
Before the change of Church regulations regarding Indulgences, each time the name of Jesus was invoked, the prayerful soul gained 300 days indulgence that could be applied towards the souls in Purgatory.

JESUS! O Name of Jesus! Sweet Name! Delightful Name! Consoling Name!
For what else is Jesus than Savior! Therefore, O Jesus, for Thy sweet Name’s sake, be to me a Jesus, and save me. Suffer me not to be eternally lost. O good Jesus!
Let not my iniquities destroy me, whom Thy bounty made. O sweet Jesus!
Recognize in me what is Thine, and efface all that is not Thine.
O sweet Jesus! Show mercy now in the time of mercy, and condemn me not in the day of justice.
What profit to Thy Precious Blood, or what honor will my destruction give Thy Holy Name, O Jesus!
“The dead shall not praise Thee, O Lord Jesus! Nor all they that go down to Hell.”

Most amiable Jesus! Most meek, most loving Jesus! O Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!
Admit me to the number of Thy elect.

O Jesus, salvation of those who believe in Thee! Comfort of those who fly to Thee!
O Jesus, Son of the Virgin Mary! Give me grace, wisdom, charity, purity, and humility, that I may love Thee perfectly, praise Thee, enjoy Thee, serve Thee, and be glorified in Thee, with all those who call upon Thy Name,
Thy Holy Name, Thy Sweet name—–Jesus.




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