FEAST DAY: November 13

Almighty and Eternal Father, Giver of all Gifts, show us Your mercy, and grant, we beseech You, through the merits of Your faithful Servant, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, that all who invoke her intercession may obtain what they desire according to the good pleasure of Your Holy Will.

[Mention your request]

O Lord Jesus Christ, Savior of the world, mindful of Your bountiful goodness and love, deign, we implore You, through the tender devotion of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini for Your Sacred Heart, to hear our prayers and grant our petitions.

O God, the Holy Spirit, Comforter of the afflicted, Fountain of Light and Truth, through the ardent zeal of Your humble handmaid, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, grant us Your all-powerful aid in our necessities, sanctify our souls and fill our minds with Divine Light that we may see the Holy Will of God in all things.

St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, beloved spouse of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, intercede for us that the favor we now ask may be granted.



Mother Cabrini dedicated her life to helping immigrants adjust to their new homes by creating schools and hospitals for them around the world. Ask her for help regarding all immigration issues, she understands such challenges—she was an immigrant too!

When Mother Cabrini was a young nun in Italy, she asked the Pope if she could travel to China for missionary work. But he told her that she was needed in the U.S. to serve the poor Italian immigrants flooding into America. She arrived in New York City in 1889 and became a naturalized American citizen in 1909. Then she founded 67 institutions in New York, Chicago, Des Plaines, Seattle, New Orleans, Colorado, Illinois, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, the Philippines, Europe and South America.



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