Saint Expeditus suffered a lot during the time of Diocletion. He is holding a cross in which is inscribed “Hodie” (Today) while he is stepping on a crow which is crying “Cras” (Tomorrow) in order to remind us not to doubt even for a single moment the great mercy of God, and not to postpone for tomorrow the devout and trusting prayer but to call on him always as our advocate by the side of our Blessed Virgin.


Act Of Contrition

My Lord Jesus Christ, Father of endless charity I am heartily sorry for all my sins. Grant me therefore pardon of my sins and the grace I ask of you thru the merits of the sorrows of your loving Mother and the virtues of Your martyr, St. Expeditus.

Prayer To St. Expeditus For Everyday

Oh St. Expeditus, my protector, in you I place my hope that my petitions may be granted if they are for my own good. Please ask our Lord, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, for the forgiveness of my sins, and the grace to change my life, particularly the grace…(mention the particular grace desired) and I promise to follow your examples and will propagate this devotion to you.


Oh Glorious Martyr, St. Expeditus, through the sufferings and humiliations which you received for the love of God, grant me also this grace which is very pleasing to God, and free me from angers and hardness of heart which is the stumbling block of my soul.

(Pray three Our Fathers in honor of the Most Holy Trinity)


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