O wonderful St. Anthony, glorious on account of the fame of your miracles, and through the condescension of Jesus in coming in the form of a little child to rest in your arms.

Obtain for me of His bounty the grace which I ardently desire from the depths of my heart . (State your intention)

You who were so compassionate toward miserable sinners, regard not the unworthiness of those who pray to you, but the glory of God that it may once again be magnified by the granting of the particular request (State your intention) which I now ask for with persevering earnestness.


Pray one Our Father,
one Hail Mary, and
Glory Be to the Father, in honor of Saint Anthony.

Saint Anthony, pray for us!


V. O God, come to my assistance;

R. Make haste, Lord to help me.

St. Anthony, great wonder-worker, God has honored you abundantly by granting many miracles through your intercession.

In your goodness, kindly come to my aid now, and hear my request.



V. Hear me, O God, and have pity on me;

R. O Lord, be my helper.

Lovable St. Anthony, I come to you with complete confidence in your favor before God who heeds your pleas for those in need.

Forget me not in your place of heavenly glory, and intercede for me.



V. Be not far from me, O Lord;

R. Awake, and be vigilant, O God, in my defense. Glorious St.

Anthony, I acknowledge my weakness and my many sins against theAlmighty.

Despite my unworthiness, please assist me in my pressing necessity.

In your kindness, plead my cause. Amen


V. Make your ways known to me, O Lord;

R. Teach me your paths.

Zealous St. Anthony, help me now to appreciate God’s purpose in my life, and be my powerful patron in granting my intention.

You will, I am sure, beg God’s mercy for me in my difficulties.



V. Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord;

R. Lord, hear my voice.

Most chaste St. Anthony, by your love for Christ and His Church I implore your aid in my anxiety, and ask your prompt response.

You show the power of God’s saints by your ready aid to His people.



V. My help is in the name of the Lord;

R. Who made heaven and earth.

Most humble St. Anthony, your dedication to poverty has enriched the Church with countless favors and blessings.

I beg your assistance in my behalf so I may be enriched by honoring your example.



V. All that the Lord wills He does;

R. In heaven and on earth.

O good St. Anthony, you comfort those like me who sorrow.

Be with me as I give solace to others in imitation of you.

Forget not my need in my difficulty, and entreat our God for me.



V.The Lord defends His people;

R. He is merciful to His servants.

Blessed St. Anthony, in your life you were a model of perfection who worked wonders for those afflicted.

From your place in heaven, come now to my aid, and beg from God the answer to my petition.



V. Give thanks to the Lord for He is good;

R. His mercy endures forever.

Faithful St. Anthony, my heart overflows with gratitude.

I know your power with God is great, and that you will obtain for me my heart’s desire.

Help me now, I beg you, to serve God as faithfully as you did.


V. St. Anthony whom the infant Jesus so much loved and honored.

R. Grant us what we ask of you.


O God, may it always be a source of joy to your Church that we honor the memory of St. Anthony, your Confessor and Doctor.

May his spiritual help make us strong, and his assistance help us gain an everlasting reward.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.



  1. Putting my trust in St Anthony as my mother did all her life RIP. Never failed her and my heart is so thankful to her for me knowing of St Anthony.

  2. St Anthony Please heal my son Michael as he is a good person. He is of the highest standards of what a man should be. Please return him to good health. I am eternally grateful to you for your help in my time of need and will help others as you have helped me. Thank you

  3. St.Anthony please heal my stomach and get rid of the horrible pain it causes me. I need to get back to being a mom again. Please help me!

  4. Saint Anthony I ask you to pray for all of us and pray for me which I have this terrible ringing of the ears called tinnitus which has really disturbed by sleep and it’s caused me a lot of anxiety I asked this from you to please help me with this and remove this from my ears and for those other people around the world that also have it I also asked you to remove all this terrible virus is going on and take care of my beautiful children and grandchildren and all my loved ones and everybody around the world and also to remove any block arteries or veins around my heart which I have had open heart surgery 6 years and with your power to continue to keep them free and clear in Jesus name I pray and to you I pray Saint Anthony beautiful miracles on me and people around the world that needed amen

  5. Oh st Anthony please help me Mai apne bachhe se dur hu is time use sabse zayada mere jarurat thi or Mai yaha padi hu please st Anthony mujhe theek kar dijiye or Ghar Jane dijiye please

  6. Please st Anthony of Puda help me get back my lost job and financial stability so that I can offset my debts and take care of my children.

  7. St Anthony I thank you for all the blessings that the Lord has bestowed on me through your intercession. I wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t trust in you and the place you play in heaven for us. I put my children on your lap there where our Lord Jesus liked to play as a little child and look after them.

  8. Dear St. Anthony please whisper in Jesus ear to heal my grand daughter of all her stomach issues and I will be forever devoted to you. I pleads this thru the father in his holy name.

  9. On this ninth day of the novena . I pray with an earnest heart that my prayer we granted( please left their be peace with my friend, let him forgive me)

  10. On this ninth day of the novena . I pray with an earnest heart that my prayer we granted( please left their be peace with my friend, let him forgive me)

  11. St Anthony I thank you for all the blessings that the Lord has bestowed on me through your intercession. Hope your blessings are always with us.

  12. Oh St. Anthony, Redeemer of all miracles. Please heal my brother, Joe C., may you heal his body, clear his lungs, and make his heart strong. May you take away his pain and return him to full health. We Pray to our Lord Jesus Christ and St Anthony for a miraculous miracle for a complete healing of my brother. In Jesus name. Amen!

  13. Please st.Anthony I ask you help my family and I as were trying to find our dream house, that all goes well in the house hunting process, May the lord will be done Amen and may you continue to bless and bless us always

  14. St.Anthony heal my husband that now having hard time to breath and fighting. Take away his pain, heal him and restore his health normally.We pray for his fast recovery. St.Anthony make a miracle for my husband Amen.

  15. Dear St Anthony, I am asking your intercession on 2 fronts, one for the saving of my marriage and rekindling of our love, and for the speedy recovery of Glen Nigrel, my cousin’s husband who has had a horrific accident and is in need of help. Please intercede with God for us all. I will forever be devoted in prayer to you. Amen.

  16. ST Anthony, I prayer for the healing of my marriage and the recovery of my cousin’s husband and the spirituality of my children Alex and Ruth, my wife Jenny and all my family. Please intercede with God to grant this my earnest petition.


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