The 10 most beautiful quotes of Saint Gemma Galgani:  

1-Yes, my sweetest God, my most lovable Jesus: to my eyes You are greater than the greatest treasures on earth. How gladly I would unite with Your Angels! How gladly I would be consumed in Your praises! How gladly I would remain always before You!

But what do I say when I speak of You?

… I say what I can, never what I ought.And if I do not know how … will I stay silent? No, because my Jesus must be loved, honored by everyone!

2-What do You wish, Oh Jesus? My life? It is Yours…..I have already offered it to You. Would You be pleased if I offered it as a victim, in reparation for my sins, and those of all sinners? If I had a hundred lives, I would give every one of them to You!”

3-It is an easy love, oh Jesus, to love someone that never gets angry with those who offend Him. Many times I have seen, oh Jesus, that while justice demands that I be punished, You take steps to prevent this punishment, even to have it withdrawn. I have found a Jesus so infatuated with my heart that He knows not how to punish it…..”

4-“Dear Blessed Mother, lend me your heart. I look for it each day to pour my troubles into”

5-“It is a question of uniting two extremes. God, who is everything, and the creature who is nothing; God who is Light, and the creature who is darkness; God who is holiness, and the creature who is sin. It is a question of taking part in the Table of the Lord. There cannot be, then, enough preparation for it”.

6- On her deathbed, being asked by one of the nursing Sisters in attendance what virtue was the most important and dearest to God, Gemma answered ‘humility; humility is the foundation of all the others

7-He kept repeating to me, Gemma, do you wish to be cured?” I was so moved that I could not answer. Poor Jesus! The grace had been given. I was cured.

8-‘Oh, when I see Jesus in tears it pierces my heart. I realize that I, by my sins, have increased the suffering which overwhelmed Him while He prayed in the garden. At that moment, Jesus saw all my sins, all my failings, and He saw also that place I should have occupied in hell, if Thy Heart, oh Jesus, had not pardoned me.

9-Jesus continues to make me aware of Himself several times a day; in the evening, the morning, and at all times and in all places . . . And what strength it takes for me to hide this from others, especially when I am in the Church, outside, or even when I find myself alone.

10-My daughter,” He said, “Behold these wounds. They have all been opened for your sins. But now, be consoled, for they have all been closed by your sorrow. Do not offend Me any more. Love Me as I have always loved you. Love Me.”


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