July 26: St. ANNE

Saint Anne was mother of Mary and the grandmother of Jesus Christ.

Remember, O glorious and Good Saint Anne, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored they help and sought thy intercession, was left unaided.

Inspired by this confidence, behold, I cast myself at they feet, and beseech thee, by thy great prerogative of being the Mother of the Queen of Heaven and the Grandmother of Jesus, come to my aid with thy powerful intercession, and obtain from Almighty God through the ever Blessed Virgin Mary, this special favor which I beg of thee..

(Mention Your Request)

Cease not to intercede for me until, through Divine Mercy, my request may be granted. Above all, obtain for me the grace one day to behold my God face to face and with thee and Mary and all the Saints praise and bless Him through all eternity.



What little we know about Saint Anne comes from the apocryphal Gospel of James, also known as the Protoevangelium of James.

According to tradition, Anne was born in Bethlehem and married Joachim of Nazareth, both descendants of King David.

Joachim is described as “a rich and devout man,” who regularly gave to the poor and “made a double offering to the temple” in expiation for his sins.

Because Anne was barren, the temple priest rejected Joachim’s sacrifice, as childlessness was interpreted as a sign of divine displeasure. There was no greater misfortune for a Jewish person than to be childless.

Had not God promised to His people, through Abraham, “descendants as countless as the stars of the sky and the sands of the seashore”?

Joachim consequently “went into the desert to fast and pray” for forty days and forty nights. But Anne remembered the faith of her ancestors, and with renewed courage prayed:

“God of my fathers, bless me: Hear my prayer, as You blessed the womb of Sarah, and gave her a son Isaac!”. Her prayer was heard:

“Behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to her and said: ‘Anne, Anne, the Lord has heard your prayer: You shall conceive and bear, and your offspring shall be spoken of in all the world.

In an outpouring of faith, she who was to be Mary’s mother immediately consecrated her future offspring. An angel appeared also to Joachim, saying:

“Joachim, Joachim, God has heard your prayer. Go on your way, for your wife will conceive”.

And Joachim offered a thanksgiving sacrifice of ten she-lambs without spot or blemish for the Lord God, twelve tender calves for the priests and elders, and a hundred goats for all the people. He then returned to Jerusalem and embraced Anne at the city gate.


  1. St Anne pray for me i’m in a lovess marriage and my husband is abusing me emotionally, financiallly, physically please pray for me.

  2. Prayer Request:

    Please pray for the conversion of Eric McDonald to true faith and hope in Jesus Christ!!!

    Our Dear Lady, Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy upon us. My Dear Mother Mary, pray for my friend Eric McDonald.Please show him your maternal love and care.Please pray for the conversion of his soul.May God Almighty, Save his soul. Most Loving Mother, I miss my friend Eric.I do not know where he is nor how he is!!!Mother Most Holy,Protect him and keep him safe.Please see that his needs are meet and that he experiences the joy of salvation.Help Eric in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!!!

    May St Michael, defend and protect Eric.May he bring Eric home safely!!!

  3. Please St Anne. Help me and guide me the same way you guide Mother Mary. I want to be married to the one true man. Help me to get my rightful spouse.
    I also seek healing from God am presently In the hospital.

  4. Dear St. Anne-
    Please help me to find my hearing aid. I lost it and it is going to cost us a lot of money to replace it. We’ve looked all over but I won’t give up. I am supposed to go Aug. 5 to replace it. Please, please help me find it by then!

  5. Please pray for my daughter for her to take care of her body. I’m afraid because of the unhealthy foods she eats. Thank you, St. Anne.

  6. Dear St Anne, please pray for my family especially for my dad, that he would be set free from this present situation and from all evil, for your word made it clear to us that whosoever the son of man sets free is free indeed, please pray that we ourselves will have peace of mind. Also help me in my choice of a life partner, all these I ask through Christ our Lord Amen.

  7. St Anne please heal my beautiful mother and grant healing for her to be well again ? I pray to all the angels and saints Lord Jesus Christ Mary mother of God please cleanse every cell in her precious body Lord hear me , amen

  8. Saint Anne, I am going through many issues right now and one in particular is very important. Please intercede for me on my behalf that my urgent prayer will be granted and answered by God.

  9. Prayer request:

    I praise the Almighty for all the favours He has done to us. I pray for good health of body, mind and soul for my family and request prayers that we may be blessed with daughters. With God, nothing is impossible.

  10. Dearest St. Anne, I pray you embrace my son Michael and give him the job he will hear about tomorrow. He has a wonderful spirit and heart. Make of him a guide to enhance the lives the young people. Reward him for all the gifts he showers on his students. I pray you look over my son and give him this gift

  11. Please St Anne. Help me and guide me the same way you guide Mother Mary. I want to be married to the one true man. Help me to get my rightful spouse.

  12. Please restore health to my body, and I pray that when I go for my cat scan on Monday, we will find that the tumors have shrunk enough so that I can have surgery. Please pray that I will beat my cancer, and go on to live a long, happy cancer-free life.

  13. Please St Anne, please help my son Dan. He has become very mean and nasty to his dad and I. He became this way after the girlfriend threw him out. She is no good and has my grandson. Please ask Mother Mary to help him change, and please help get the baby away from his mother. When a six ur old tells you he is all alone there and no one loves him there is a problem. Please protect him everyday. Keep him safe from evil and harm, keep him healthy. Please I beg you as a grandmother to help with my son and grandson. Help my son to learn to say he is sorry.

  14. Dear St. Anne, please help me to heal from the pain in my legs and back and the anxiety it’s causing. Help me to have the strength and courage to deal with this. Pray that I find the peace of God.

  15. St.Anne please seal this love for me as I have known heart ache. I ask that you help this love I have for this man to not be scared and to Grace me with this love for this man that I want to spend the rest of my life with.


  16. St.Anne please seal this love for me as I have known heart ache. I ask that you help this love I have for this man to not be scared and to Grace me with this love for this man that I want to spend the rest of my life with.


  17. Dear St. Anne, please intercede on behalf of my daughter Joyce who has been jailed on Kenya for breaking curfew. She does not have the $1000 fine required to be released. Help her, St. Anne. We are praying for a miracle. She is so kind and loving and was simply walking home after her grandmother’s funeral. Let her feel your love and Mary’s and Jesus ‘ love. Thank you, St. Anne.

  18. St Anne please pray and intercede on my behalf to be financially blessed as I need urgent cash to pay people that I owe, debts and living expenses. Please pray for me to find a job urgently in order to make ends meet. Amen

  19. hi St.Anne

    wanted a request healing praying over my heart failure and diverticlitus over my sick body don’t want to get operate please recover my body love thank you very much

  20. Dear ST.Anne please help me to have favour from my mother in-law. we had a miss understand i ask for love restoration. also for marriage to be restored in God’s way. Amen

  21. Pray to sell my house, and downsize to a beautiful peaceful home that restores my health and brings wealth and great happiness to me and all who visit me. It’s my divorced house, and i pray that God guides me through all of the process and bless the process. Please take the anxiety and worry and focus on my recovery from hip surgery. And TRUST in God that all will be well and good financially emotionally and physically and mentally.

    Lord hear my prayer



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