Feast :2 August

Saint Peter Julian Eymard

We trust “The Real Presence” is only an introduction to the whole series of Peter Eymard’s works, which we would be glad to see soon in English garb.

No sentence from the writings of this sainted servant of God can fail to give strength and courage and comfort to all lovers of our Eucharistic Lord.

May his words help to establish the reign of Jesus Christ in the hearts of the Faithful!

Our Father
Thy Will be done

Our Father Who are in Heaven

in the heaven of the Eucharist,
to You Who are seated on the throne of grace and love,
be benediction, and honor, and power and glory
for ever and ever!

Hallowed be Your Name

first in ourselves, through the spirit of
Your humility, obedience, and charity.
May we in all humility and zeal
make You known, loved, and adored by all men
in the Holy Eucharist,

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Eucharistic kingdom.
Rule Thou alone forever over us
for Your greater glory
through the power of Your love,
the triumph of Your virtues,
and the grace of a Eucharistic vocation
in my state as a layman.

Grant us the grace and mission of Your holy love
so that we may be able to effectively extend
Your Eucharistic kingdom everywhere
and realize the desire you expressed:

‘I have come to cast fire on the earth;
and what would I, but that it be kindled?’

Oh! that we might be the incendiaries of this heavenly fire!

Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven
Grant us the grace to find all our joy
in wanting You alone,
in desiring You alone,
and in thinking of You alone.

Grant that by denying of ourselves always
and in all things,
we may find light and life
in obeying Your good, acceptable and perfect Will.

I will what You will.
I will it because You will it.
I will it as You will it.
I will it as long as You will it.
Perish our thoughts and desires
if they are not purely from You, for You and in You.

Give us this day our daily bread
You are our Eucharistic Lord
and You alone will be our food and clothing,
our riches and glory,
our remedy in illness,
and our protection against all evil.
You will be all things to us.

And forgive us our trespasses
Forgive me Jesus, for I am sorry for all my sins
just as they stand in your eyes.

As we forgive those who trespass against us
For anyone who has offended us in any way,
with our whole heart we forgive them
and desire for them the gifts of Your love.
And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil

Deliver us Jesus, from the demon of pride,
impurity, discord and complacency.

Deliver us from the cares and worries of life
so that with a pure heart and a free mind
we may joyfully spend our life
and devote all that we are and all that we have
in the service of our Eucharistic Lord.

In You, O Lord Jesus, have I hoped;
let me not be confounded forever.
You alone are good.
You alone are powerful.
You alone are eternal.

To You alone be honor and glory,
love and thanksgiving forever and ever.



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