Santa or St Nicholas? Discover the truth about Santa Claus

Santa or St Nicholas? Discover the truth about

Santa or St Nicholas? Discover the truth about Santa Claus

Why it is so difficult to explain “Santa Claus” as St. Nicholas. Well, there is no basis for such an explanation; the two figures are entirely different. Let’s see why:

St. Nicholas, of Myra or Bari is venerated in both the Latin and Greek calendar of Saints on December 6. He belongs to the fourth century, suffering under the persecution of Christians waged by the Roman emperor, Diocletian, and is believed to have worked a miracle in restoring three kidnapped children who had been dismembered when he was the Bishop of Myra. Thus is derived his patronage of children. The giving of gifts in honor of the Saint became a tradition through an act of generosity.

Think about of this: Saint Nicholas would never want to take the first place, the place of Jesus, in His celebration. As mentioned previously, St. Nicholas’ feast day is December 6…

Over the centuries, the legends of St. Nicholas’s life have been supplemented with Northern European myths, so the figure of “Santa Claus” is not Saint Nicholas in disguise as some think.

When the Dutch came to America and established the colony of New Amsterdam, their children enjoyed the traditional “visit of St. Nicholas” on December 6, for the Dutch had kept this ancient Catholic custom even after the Protestant Revolution.

Then, when England founded the colony of New York in the same territory, the kindly figure of Sinter Klaas (pronounced like Santa Claus) soon aroused the desire among the English children of having such a heavenly visitor come to their own homes, too.

The English settlers were glad and willing to comply with the anxious wish of their children. However, the figure of a Catholic Saint and bishop was not acceptable in their eyes, especially since many of them were Presbyterians, to whom a “bishop” was repugnant.

In reality this is an obvious product of the Freemasonry. What do they want to make disappear? JESUS CHRIST. Let’s continue….

The dilemma was solved by transferring the visit of the mysterious man whom the Dutch called Santa Claus from December 6 to Christmas, and by introducing a radical change in the figure itself. Why? To dissolve the real Christmas: The birth of Jesus, the most important person in history, our Savior.

So the ancient Saint was completely replaced by an entirely different character. Catholics don’t believe in elves, or magic. We believe in God.

Is It Okay to Lie About Santa?

No, we shouldn’t lie for any reason (as the The Catechism of the Catholic Church says [CCC 2485]). Never allow the figure of Santa Claus to dominate the child’s mind. The Child Jesus must be the main figure in all his Christmas thinking. Let your children present their wishes to the Child Jesus instead.

Prayer to the Divine Child Jesus

Divine Child Jesus, we believe in You;
We adore You; and we love You;
have mercy on us, sinners.

Divine Child Jesus, bless and protect us.
Divine Child Jesus, bless and lead us.
Divine Child Jesus, bless and provide for us.



  1. Comment:i have being having challenges on this question. why do we catholics pray to mary and is it written in the bible and i have finding it so difficult to answer i some scripture passages to back up myself


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