Novena to Saint Cajetan


Novena to Saint Cajetan

Patron of Job Seekers

Introductory prayer for every day: Omnipotent and everlasting God, You wanted San Cajetan to trust in your Providence and despise earthly things and You enriched him with abundant spiritual goods, grant that those who implore the graces of your Divine Providence are aided in their necessities by San Cajetan intercession. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


Glorious San Cajetan, you appreciated the healthful practice of prayer so much that your life was a continuous prayer, and to this beneficial exercise you dedicated particularly up to eight hours daily; grant us that we should be totally convinced that everything is reached by means of prayer and nothing can be gained without it and that all our prayers will be alive, faithful, reverently attentive, deeply humble, confident and perseveringly inexhaustible. Amen.
(Conclude with the final prayer).



Glorious Protector San Cajetan, whose love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament made you raise beautiful temples to Him, adorning them with magnificence, and exhorting the faithful to receive frequently the Holy Eucharist, teach us reverence to the Holy Sacrament and to receive It modestly to merit eternal life. Amen.
(Conclude with the final prayer).



My Glorious protector San Cajetan, whose singular devotion to Mary made you deserve her protection, particularly in the hour of your death when she sweetly said “Cajetan, come with me, my son is calling you”, intercede with this kind Mother whom we invoke during all the moments of our lives and this way She will attend to us now and at the hour of our death. Amen!
(Conclude with the final prayer).


My Glorious protector San Cajetan, staunch defender of the Faith against all attacks of heresy, discoverer of what was ailing the Church, grant that we appreciate the inestimable gift of faith, without which it is impossible to please God, and swiftly reject with firmness all errors. Amen.
(Conclude with the final prayer).



O Glorious Saint, you took so much to heart the virtue of hope that you rejected what the world had to offer and gave all your trust to God’s Providence to sustain your communities. Grant that we might live with the unshakable hope that God, through the merits of His Divine Son, will give us Eternal Life together with the means of obtaining it, and that temporary earthly goods will never serve as an obstacle to us in gaining it. Amen.
(Conclude with the final prayer).



San Cajetan my protector, I can see your chest bursting with the love of others and your heart coming out to save the poor and to fight sin. I beseech you, grant that we love God and our neighbour with all our hearts.
(Conclude with the final prayer).



O my Glorious Saint whose deepest humility made you give up all your worldly benefices from your priesthood, grant that God will not cease to look upon us because of our pride but that we will deserve His mercies through our sincere humility.
(Conclude with the final prayer).



My dearest San Cajetan, you who were patient and suffered all your life especially during the sacking of Rome when the foreign soldiers tortured you, grant us the patience to undergo the adversities of this life thus gaining our glorious crown in Heaven.
(Conclude with the final prayer).



My Glorious Protector San Cajetan whose perfect chastity made you deserving Mary giving you Her Son Jesus to hold, grant that we will not stain our souls with sin and will guard our purity with Christian mortification.
(Conclude with the final prayer).


Final Prayer:

(In order to gain this grace and others that we wished to obtain by intercession of San Cajetan, we now say three ‘Our Father’ to the Blessed Trinity. Then this final prayer composed by San Cajetan himself is said):

“Look down, O Lord, from Your sanctuary, from Your dwelling in heaven on high, and behold this sacred Victim which our great High Priest, Your Holy Son our Lord Jesus Christ, offers up to You for the sins of His brethren and be appeased despite the multitude of our transgressions. Behold, the voice of the Blood of Jesus, our Brother, cries to You from the cross. Give ear, O Lord. Be appeased, O Lord. Hearken and do not delay for Your own sake, O my God; for Your Name is invoked upon this city and upon Your people and deal with us according to Your mercy.


That You would defend, pacify, keep, preserve, and bless this city, we beseech You, hear us.”

St. Cajetan, pray for us!



    • Please pray for my boyfriend Joel to receive his job offer as he only has about a week and a half left to find employment or he has to leave the country! Please St. Cajetan answer my prayer for I am so desperate.

    • This is very effective Prayer for those who are looking for a job. St. Cajetan answered my prayer wayback 201t5 when I was looking for a job. I resigned my job and We went home to our country that’s why I quit my job. Ive been 3 yrs working in that conpany, and I thanked St. Cajetan for answering my prayer.
      Now we came here again and alsmost 9 months I don’t have work. My husband needs my help now and go back to work again to help and sustain my family needs. Now I just finished my 9th day of Novena St. Cajetan please help me to get the job that I wanted. Please hear my plea and send to Jesus . I trust you with all my heart and soul. I will always pray your Novena until I get a job..Thank you St. Cajetan please Pray for us.

  1. Thank you to Saint Cajetan! Today was the final day of my novena and today my son got the job he was hoping for. A wonderful example of the power of prayer.

  2. Pray for my husband. I have been praying hard and I hope I have done all I can. May St. Cajetan intercede for him. God grant him a path forward.

  3. This is my 1st time praying to you San Cajetan, I have read you help those in desperate need of employment & that is my family. We are about to lose everything if my husband cannot get a callback. Please touch the owners heart to give him a chance to prove himself. I beg of you & will let the world know how you saved us from losing our home. I beg of you to help us ,I have been begging god for weeks to help & he just doesn’t seem to be answering ,Please intercede on my son ( he is 8 & has severe developmental disabilities,he cannot change schools ,ot would be devastating to his progress) behalfs, as you know why We are so terrified of not making rent. He needs one of these companies to hire him immediately.
    THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP, I have faith you will answer my pray!

      • Yessss, I am just in the middle of my second cycle and I was notified that I got a job today and I start training on Monday. Thank you so much St.Cajetan. Thank you the Holy mother Mary, Thank you the Holy Trinity. I’m thankful.

  4. St Cajetan
    You are powerful and I m sure that you will intercede for me . Thanks for this new job that is coming soon

  5. ST Cajetan,

    I pray to you for helping my wife getting a positive respond soon on her job search, after months of searching it is getting hard on her mental state.

    May the Almighty God hear our prayers


    • St Cajetan I pray to you for my contract to be renewed it’s officially 3 months I’m at home now it’s getting to me .
      May God almighty hear my prayer.

  6. Dear st.Cajetan, even before I began my Novena I already believe that Jesus will surely grant all my wishes. You were/are the closest to Jesus and whatever you ask of Jesus’ He will surely listen to your intercession and grant my wishes for my good luck(good performance in my job) and for my job security…

  7. My husband has been out of work for roughly 5 months. I will continue to say this novena. I trust St Cajetan will intercede for us. I believe God will have pity on us and answer our prayer request for a job. St Cajetan, please pray for us!

  8. Dear St. Cajetan pray for me to give me a job after I’ve been unemployed for months,a job that I can thrive and be successful in years to come. Amen

  9. St. Catjetan I just want to thank you for all your answered prayers…please help me get this promotion I am requesting or grant me another great job opportunity that i also requested your name..I believe in your you and I know u would help me and my family..Amen

  10. St.Cajetan of Thiene intercede and pray for me,my husband(David Wafula) and I are seeking for employment inorder to cater for our bills and upbringing of our baby Davis,we have been dropping and emailing our CVs and application letters to different health facilities,I pray that the HR officers and recruitment officers read them and later we be summoned for job interviews and be granted the job,I believe and trust that Lord God is going to answer my prayers through St. Cajetan..AMEN

  11. Thank you St.Cajetan for my husband’s new job. Though isn’t a permanent job. We are grateful. Looking upto you for a permanent job soonest. This Novena works like magic. I started this Novena for the first time a job offer came we rejected it because it doesn’t worth the stress finished the Novena. I have to start over again a good offer came though not permanent.

  12. Thank you st cajetan for the job granted though not im on my 6th day of praying for a permanent job in the same company.St cajetan pray for me

  13. Thank you St. Cajetan for helping me to secure my dream job. We were so scared because of my spouse’s job loss but you with your help and God’s – I was able to find something and handle this hard time with grace. This would not have been possible without your intercession and my gratitude is endless. I’ve been searching for the right job and right fit for years. Thank you and please find it in your heard to help my husband find his.

    This works – have faith and patience.

  14. I pray for my husband to find employment myself to find better job.Things have been tough and my husband was accused of doing something of which he is innocent. May St. Cajetan intercede for us,may we always have faith that the Lord hears our prayers. I pray for all those who are also praying this novena.

  15. I am praying this for my nephew and Catholic commentator Tim Gordon. I have complete faith that both will soon find employment. If anyone reads this, I would ask for your prayers and I am praying for everyone who is saying this novena. God bless and keep all of us at this very turbulent time.

  16. St. Cajetan, I am beginning this novena with the hopes of my husband getting a job after being out of work for six months. We are expecting our first baby, and he has been doing everything he can to find work. Please intercede and answer our prayers. If anyone else reads this, I ask that you pray for us too. Amen.

  17. San Cayetano
    Tengo plena confianza en que vas a interceder por mi antes Jesus para que me otorgue un trabajo pronto. Creo en las segundas oportunidades. Gracias de antemano San Cayetano. Sé que no me vas a quedar mal. Tengo plena confianza en ti. En ti confio. Gracias

  18. I have faith, St Cajetan. Please intercede for my son to find a wonderful job that he will love. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  19. Please St Cajetan I pray you grant Joel the job offer that he is so desperately waiting for in a last few days. Please his mental health and mine are going crazy. Im not giving up, I am going to start this novena again.

  20. Please let my faith shine. Help my wonderful son find a career that he will love. I will continue to pray to you St. Cajetan asking you for your help, for it is only through prayer that change can truly take place.
    In Jesus name I pray…amen.

  21. I pray St Cajeton that I get a yes from a company to hire me. Please pray for me to find work and keep us financially safe. Thank you! Amen!

  22. St. Cajetan, I have been on unpaid employment leave from March 2020. This is my first novena to you. Intercede for me a better job. Through which I will be able to keep my family joyful and satisfied.

  23. I pray for my daughter to get an offer for a teaching position that she is interviewing for today. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

  24. St. Cajetan, please help my son Gehan to get a job in Canada, for you know his needs and you were ready to give up your food for the need.

  25. Thanks to God and intercession of St. Cajetan I will resume work on Monday 10th after three months staying at home. Concurrently, friends are offering their advise and assistance for an alternative source of income to enable me meet family needs.

  26. I do thanks to God and St. Cajetan of his intercession. I will resume work on Monday 10th after three months staying at home. Concurrently, friends are offering their assistance helping me get an alternative online source of income to enable me meet family needs. Praying for its success.

  27. I seek your guidance and intercession Saint Cajetan…may I achieve gainful employment so I can provide for myself and my family. It was so difficult seeking a job before March, and now, it seems even harder. I am on my second novena and I will not give up hope. May St. Cajetan intercede and lead us all to employment. Amen

  28. I am very grateful to God for enabling me come across St Cajetan, I believe that it is God’s grace and mercy. I present to him my daughter Martha who is looking for a job, she is due to do an interview on Monday 17/8/2020. Beloved St Cajetan I trust in your intervention.

  29. My Testimony

    I was desperately looking for job from past 4 months, I was filled with fear because I was suppose to clear my loans also take care of the family. I use to attend interview and apply for Jobs online but nothing came my way.

    On 11 th August 20 @ 2:00 AM., I saw Jesus in my dream with a beautiful smile he stretched his hand towards me and gave a long shield in which was written as ” SAINT OF DOING GOOD ” . I suddenly woke up from my sleep then searched for the same in the internet , I found a Saint for unemployment and job seekers his name was Saint CAJETAN as I saw this, I was filled with tears. Lord Jesus guided me to pray through St Cajetan for my job opportunity. The same day I started praying a novena to St Cajetan for 9 days. Exactly on 9 th day î. e on 18th August , I received call from HR that I have been selected for a company.

    I was ecstatically happy & blessed.
    Jesus has told us, ” Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for I the Lord your God goes with you ; he will never leave you or forsake you ” (Deuteronomy 31:6)

    I would like to share the God’s blessing that I have received. Trust in the Lord, His Love never fails.

    Please share my testimony to Family & Friends and especially those who are seeking for job, let them also experience God’s blessing through St Cajetan’s intercession as I did.

    Jesus is the only God who takes hold of your right hand & says to you, Donot fear ; I will help you .

    I Thank & Praise the one and only ever living God Jesus Christ for the blessings.

    God Bless
    – Graceline Sindhu

  30. I was desperately seeking a job offer and I asked st Cajetan to pray to God for me. I didnt actually do the full novena but i did always ask him to help me out in my prayers. I have now three offers thanks to st catejan who prayed for me.
    St cajetan pray for me

  31. I prayed the full novena and received a new job offer on the last day that I am very excited about. God lead me on this journey and he was by my side the whole time. I continuously asked St Cajetan to pray for me and he did. God is always with us and rooting for us!! Thank you for answering my prayers

  32. Please help me pray to Lord Jesus, Saint Cajetan… I really need a job… in this pandemic, i am having a hard time to look for a job… i need a job desperately… i am a single mom… i need to provide for my son… i can’t always ask favor with my family… please help me… Please help me O Lord….

    • After day 1 of novena prayer to St.Cajetan, I received a call today for a final interview in a company I have applied. After few minutes of the interview, the interviewer told me that she will give my application a go… it means I passed the final interview and she discussed some of the details of the job. I will just have to wait for another call for the job offer and will discuss salary and benefits package in details… Thanks God! Thanks St.Cajetan for helping me pray… I will still continue to pray the novena while waiting for the contract. Please help me St.Cajetan pray for God’s providence to give me signs if this is the right career that I have been praying for.. ?❤

    • up until now, still praying the novena… start of training will be 2 days from now…. wooohh… I am a bit nervous and excited… Thanks God!!!! thanks Saint Cajetan for helping me pray…. ?❤

  33. Thank you Saint Cajetan for interceding in my prayers. Got a call that I had passed the interview after I had finished the last day of the novena. Praise the Lord!

  34. St Cajetan,please pray for me to our Lord Jesus Christ that He may bless me with the job of my dream. Recommendation is needed before I can get it and I have no one to recommend me. Ask Jesus to send me a help that I may finally get the job of my dream.
    This month marks my 10 years as a graduate. Please pray for me dearest st Cajetan that the chain of disfavor and unemployment be broken in my life. I will come back to testify to your powerful intercession

  35. up until now, still praying the novena… start of training will be 2 days from now…. wooohh… I am a bit nervous and excited… Thanks God!!!! thanks Saint Cajetan for helping me pray…. ?❤

  36. St Cajetan, I’m in need of your intercession.
    İ have started this novena since 2 days ago. I’m hopeful for your intercession and really grateful for those you helped and keep helping.
    İ will come to testify, and will share this with the world.

  37. You have got to have the right motives while praying for a job. Do you seek the glory that comes with the job Or Do you want to be of service of others (and yourself included) once you land the desired job?
    How will you use this opportunity once you get it?
    God will answer the prayers with the right motives. That is a fact! He already knows your struggle and your needs.
    Build the culture of having the right motives in your prayers. Meditate, read the Bible,seek guidance from the Church and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance.

    Be humble and be in service of others.
    Think of how you will use your new job to be in service of others and make it a genuine motive( Don’t lie to yourself or to God, for he knows everything) .
    İt might be a relatively long process for some but keep marching.

    God will answer your prayers ?. No doubt

  38. Thank you St Cajetan you did it for me I prayed the novena in 9 hours straight and the next day I got a call from a recruiter the interview process was very quick and I just got an offer today! Thank you Jesus! Thank you St Cajetan! Thank you mother Mary, I was fired after the covid lockdown and I was so scared of my future with two kids on my own without an income. Now I am confident even a house we shall get and good school.

  39. Oh said cajetan saint of the unemployed,you never fail me,I was here in 2019 seeking your intervention for a job opportunity,after praying for days you answered my prayers,am back again,due to covid I got a salary reduction actually received a 1/4 salary since april 2020 to Aug 2020,I was the sole bread winner and dint have any other means to take care of my family,I had to quit seeing the salary couldn’t even pay my rent,I have been searching for a job since then,now st cajetan I come to you again asking you and begging you to intervene for me to gain meaningful employment,a job that I can be able to take care of my family needs,you have never failed me,please ask God to hear my plea for a good job and I will always be great full and will spread the word about your cajetan pls pray for me.Amen.

  40. Please St. Cajetan intercede for husband for a well paid offer. He has been out of job for some months and lost a job opportunity for month.

  41. Please St Cajetan intercede on my behalf for my contract to be renewed and I get permanent I’m home almost 3 mths now thank you for the intercession

  42. St. Cajetan, please intercede for me, help me get a good job, I have been job hunting for months and can’t get past the final interview. My husband’s job has been affected due to this pandemic, we really need another source of income. Come inyo our aid St. Cajetan.

  43. Thank you Saint Cajetan for your most powerful intercession. Thank you for the favors I have received through your powerful intercession.

  44. St. Cajetan please through your intercession, I pray so that my application may be considered and I get the job that I urgently desire.

  45. Glory to God…
    And thanks to St. Cajetan
    This is really miracle, i asked for a job to God through St. Gajetan and took this novina, it’s third day today and my Job is being confirmed. Thanks to holy for the prayers. who are new here please Believe Guys it really works ❤️
    And my prayers for all those who seeks for a job

  46. Glory to God…
    And thanks to St. Cajetan
    This is really miracle, i asked for a job to God through St. Gajetan and took this novina, it’s third day today and my Job is being confirmed. Thanks to holy Mary for the prayers. who are new here please Believe Guys it really works ❤️
    And my prayers for all those who seeks for a job

  47. My ninth day today. I will recite the novena until my prayers are heard and granted. I am not giving up! St. Cajetan listen to my prayers. Amen.

  48. Thank you St. Cajetan for your intercession. There’s a miracle from Jesus with your prayer, at the 9th days of your Novena, I got job offers when I tought was Rejected.

    St. Cajetan, pray for us

  49. Thank you St. Cajetan for your intercession! I promised that I would come back and leave a message. I thank you for granting my son the miracle of a job offer. I prayed to you for months to send my son a job after he graduated from college, repeating this novena over and over. Thank you for answering his prayers today with a job offer! Prayer is Powerful!

  50. God has handled me my dream job as He had promised me . Now I no longer desire another worldly thing for He has shown me His love. Thanks be to the mother of God for She gave us the rosary and thanks be to all His saints for they teach us the way forward towards His eternal love. To do the will of God is my only wish ❤️

  51. St. Cajetan please intercede for my husband on the jobs application so that he will be shortlisted for the right job.


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