June 13: Saint Anthony of Padua 

Saint Anthony of Padua is also known as Saint Anthony the Wonder-Worker, and so it is no surprise that Catholics often turn to him with their requests.

Best known as the patron saint of lost items, Saint Anthony is invoked for many other needs as well:


O Holy St Anthony, the gentlest and kindest of Saints, your burning love of God, your exalted virtue, and your great charity towards your fellow creatures, made you worthy, when on earth to possess miraculous powers such as were given to no other saint.

Miracle waited on your word, and that word you were ever ready to speak at the request of those in trouble.

The anxious prayer of bitter trial was never addressed to you in vain.

To the sick you gave back health; you restored what was lost; the sorrow stricken were the objects of your tender compassion; even the dead you raised to life when the wounded heart cried out to you from the depths of its bitter anguish.

When on earth nothing was impossible with you, except not to have compassion on those in distress and sorrow.

Encouraged by this thought, and convinced of the efficacy of your holy intercession, we kneel before your holy image, and full of confidence, we implore you to obtain for us (here mention your request).

The answer to this our prayer may require a miracle. Even so, are you not the Saint of Miracles, who, when on earth, had but to speak the mightiest wonders were wrought!

O gentle and loving St Anthony, you whose heart was ever full of human sympathy, whispers our prayer into the ears of the Infant Jesus, who loved to linger in your arms.

One word from you and our prayer will be granted. O, speak but that word and the gratitude of our heart will ever be yours!


Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory be.


    • St Anthony I pray for the full conversion and transformation of Chad. This is going to take nothing but a miracle to change his heart of stone to a heart of flesh. Please intercede on my behalf. In Jesus name. Amen

    • Oh st Anthony pls pls don’t let me get fired from star council. Pls show Lori and Terah I can do this job. Pls. I love u st Anthony. Thank you

  1. Please dear st anthony pray for my son michael that he has no cancer in his body andmy daughter alexendra to get good smear result

    • Please my dear St. Anthony whisper my prayer to Jesus that my daughter Jessica be healed from her bleeding and that there be no cancer or disease in her body. Amen

  2. Blessed St. Anthony please hear my prayer and those of others seeking your intercession. Through Christ our Lord, amen.?

  3. Blessed St. Anthony Thank you for hearing my prayers and for guiding me in the right direction to alleviate my fears and anxieties. I am reminded to always have faith and trust in the Lord’s plan because of your example. It is difficult at times but I will always turn to you as my intercessor.

  4. Comment:
    St Anthony the blessed please intercede in my studies that I obtain my degree at its best this year…
    I pray.

    • St. Anthony, please intercede for me to recover from the pain in my legs and back and restore me to good health.

  5. Dearest St. Anthony, Like you I have always had the deepest compassion in my heart for anyone suffering or in distress even the smallest creature of Gods’. I ask you now to return the compassion Ive shown and take this horrible burden from my life. Even if it requires a miracle, even so, you are the Saint of miracles. I trust in you and Jesus my Lord that my prayer will be finally answered. Thank you…

  6. St. Anthony pls pray for me that I will be acquitted with this problem besetting us. I have faith in you, I trust in you. Pls intercede for me. In Jesus name…Amen

    • Dear St. Anthony- I pray for your intercession to help me to soon find meaningful work that will glorify God and be of His will and plan for my life.
      Thank you. Amen.

  7. St. Anthony pls pray for me that I will be acquitted with this problem I am now in. I have faith in you, I trust in you. Pls intercede for me. In Jesus name…Amen

  8. Comment:St.Anthony please may you intervene in my urgent need may you provide me with money i want to buy a new smartphone for communications plus i will use this smartphone also to spread your wonders and miracles in internet sites and encourage people to invoke you in their provide me with urgent money thanks in advance for this favor.#Toby

  9. Ellene St Anthony please restore my health my left arm to working my left leg to walk correctly again. I devote myself to you. Lord hear my prayer.

  10. St. Anthony, pray for my family. Intercede for us with difficult we have. Help me and my spouse to come together again and find new love. Stop the spoilers immediately so we can raise our kids in a happy and a God loving environment. Please help the situation is getting out of hand. Help my spouse understand the situation and loosen her heart. We need our family together. Please keep the intruder out.

  11. St. Anthony please intervene for my family. It is being broken up by an outsider who is turning my spouse against me and sometimes the children. Its a very difficult situation and can turn Dengerous without spiritual intervention. Please help don’t let my family break up.

  12. St Anthony intercede for me to keep my job that I can guard my outbursts. Help ease my anxiety and anger. Help my son find his way. Help my daughter find her way. I implore to you. You have been my rock to lean on.

  13. St. Anthony please intercede fot my family and help my son out of this problem he is in. Please pray for him to find his way and have one more chance at a safe and loving life.

  14. St Anthony please intercede and ease the burden on my darling and bring him to me so we can start our life together. Help me cope with the anxiety until we can be together

  15. St. Anthony, please intercede on my behalf and petition our Lord Jesus to grant the miraculous healing of my precious companion, Trek. He has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and his prognosis is dire. I humbly ask for your help. I am broken-hearted and desperate and turn to you in need. Please, dear St. Anthony, hear my prayers. Amen 🙏🙏🙏

  16. Dear St. Anthony please please help me I miss Nick, so much and I am very much broken-hearted over this I would love to be able to talk to him and to be able to get my beloved horse and bring him home and to have a restful sleep and peaceful job to go to without all the nonsense I ask Dear St. Anthony, I am very broken-hearted please pour out your blessings and miracle upon me I want so much to be able to ride again Thank you so much Amen

    • Please St Anthony intercede for me and whisper into baby Christ my petition. Help me find my way. I’ve been lost for so long due drugs and pornography. Cure me from these sickness and show me your mighty grace and light in Christ.

  17. Holy st Anthony please hear my prayers to help my family at this us get through this difficult time with a peaceful solution…thank you so much amen…

  18. Saint Anthony please intercede. My two children are suffering so. My daughter with unremitting physical pain. Please help her. She loved life. Her children need her back. And my son who has suffered so with deep depression. I pray to you to answer my prayers.

    • St. Anthony I am here in bender knees asking for your intercession. Please pray to baby Jesus a d ask him to please grant my request to have my daughter to find the courage to speak about the abuse to someone that can properly document it. Please pray that my kids are safe. I ask that I please get the full physical custody of my children for their protection. I will always thank you and God, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, The Virgin Mary, and all the Saints and Angels. Amen.

      • Dear St. Anthony, I am here on bended knees asking for your intercession. Please pray that my daughter finds the strength and courage to speak the truth about the abuse that happened to her to a counselor, psychologist, or anyone that can officially document this abuse. I pray that God gives her the wisdom to find the right words to say. I pray that it is properly documented. I ask for a miracle, for the sole physical custody of my children for their protection. Thank you St. Anthony. Tell God I will always love him each day more and more. Thank you for this miracle. God I will always honor you, adore you, and praise you. Please fill up my daughter, son, my mom, dad, siblings, children, family, and me with the Holy Spirit. Please fill the counselor, psychologist, judge, my lawyer, courtroom, with the Holy Spirit. There will be justice. Thank you for keeping my kids safe. Thank you for this miracle. I believe in miracles. In The name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, Amen.

  19. Please st anthony two things I ask my mother Carmella not have cancer in her body may her stomach heal and my son Rocky he be praised at his job andxrewarded so he can live comfortable may he be healthy and happy in his life Iove and trust in you always

  20. My dearest St.Anthony, please help us to sell our house quickly and help my husband get the technology job so we don’t lose the house. Please keep the cancer away from my body and my husbands diabetes at bay while we carry this cross! Love you with all my heart!!

  21. Please St. Anthony, please hear the cry of my heart, please listing to partition. My CGPA is as take. Please turn your eyes of mercy towards me. I PRAY TO YOU TO ANSWER MY PRAYERS. AMEN

  22. St Anthony thank you for all your prayers. Please continue to pray for me I’m going through a situation with my health I have arthritis so bad in my body and now my doctor said they see something in my stomach I have to go next week for x-rays please pray that all the test are good . I don’t have a home so I don’t have a place to really recuperate if I am sick please send me Anthony please pray for me that I have everything I need .

  23. Oh Saint Anthony of Padua, intercede for me and let my relationship with my Fiance go well. Let our plan to settle down together this 2019 be granted. Open doors of finances for him and connect him to his divine helpers and contracts. Let every of his helpers and connections that are lost return back to him in speed. I pray to you Saint Anthony of Padua, may your intercession be acceptable in God’s side. I await the prayer answered in Jesus name. Amen

  24. Please St Anthony can you fix my marriage? My heart hurts. I love my wife endlessly. Help us to resolve our issues and get back on the right track where we were when we first got together. She is my life, my world and everything in between. I beg for forgiveness for what ever wrong doing I’ve done. Please help us.
    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
    Amen 🙏🏻

  25. St. Anthony I ask that you heal Luke my grandson. He has some kind of obstruction in his nasal cavity. And will have a CT scan Monday the 14. To find out what the blockage is. Thank you

  26. I pray with open arms and a broken heart to please help my family so that we stay united and that the miracle I so plea for will be granted in any way possible so that my family will be benefited from it and that our lives will improve, my family will have eternal peace! I adore and I believe in you, I ask this in Jesus’ name Amen!

  27. Dear St. Anthony. I beseech you to grant this miracle for me. That I may be granted the interview with Pathos and to get the job. To start earning money, to be able to get my own place soon. That I am able to get my stuff coming on the container, may the timing be perfect for me. Please help me and hear my prayer and those that come to you for prayers to be answered. Amen


  29. Oh holy ST Anthony please hear my prayer. Bless me with your miracle power for for I am in need. I pray for success andconfidence in my work place and knowledge . Please watch over me and speak for me in trouble

  30. Dear St Anthony.
    May I request that my daughter gets onto the university course she wants. I will be so grateful for your intercession.

  31. St. Anthony, Please help me, with financial help, so that I can at least, be able to pay my rent on time, Nov. 1, 2019. I am humbly coming to you for this help. I humbly beseech your Miraculous Intercession St. Anthony. Please help me. THANK YOU from my ❤.

  32. Saint Anthony I beg you to intercede with God that Peter and Denise will soon be blessed with a safe pregnancy, a safe delivery and a healthy baby, Saint Anthony we trust in you and your powerful intercession to grant us this miracle, we will forever thank you and try to promote devotion to you.

  33. Saint Anthony I beg you to intercede with God that Peter and Denise will soon be blessed with a safe pregnancy, a safe delivery and a healthy baby, Saint Anthony we trust in you and your powerful intercession to grant us this miracle, we will forever thank you and try to promote devotion to you.
    Please help us in this petition

  34. St Anthony, Please help my son with what he’s going thru. Guide him in the right direction and show him the light. Lift this burden from us in Jesus name we pray Amen.

  35. St Anthony, Please help my son with what he’s going thru. Guide him in the right direction and show him the light. Lift this burden from us in Jesus name we pray Amen.

  36. I pray St Anthony for a special intention please help me…please St Anthony God bless you….through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

    • Please St.Anthony hear my prayers to heal my family and bring us back together closer please ask Jesus to bring this miracle to my family my children grandchildren let us have our holidays back together again protecting us from outsiders causing us such heart ache thank you and God bless in Jesus name I pray

  37. Please loving St. Anthony grant me the favor I have been asking for over the last two years. That the charges against my son Michael be dropped by the DA. Judge or Court at his December court appearance and that he gets called back to work immediately to release me of the horrible financial burden the last two years have put me through.

    • Dear St. Anthony, I have prayed for your intercession all my life when things went missing. Last week you were my refuge and strength when my precious 7 year old grandson went missing from school and was found safely. This has been my biggest request to you You have always answered my prayers. My heart overflows with gratitude to you and praise and thanks to Jesus. In thanksgiving for what was lost is found.

  38. St. Anthony. Please help us, please change Ronnie’s mind about taking us to court over leasing of land that was his mother’s plan to help bring in more income. Please make him stop this. Please answer my prayers St. Anthony please intercede and stop Ronnie, before he does something foolish, 🙏🙏

  39. St.Anthony
    Please heal my mother from the cancer that is in her body and make her healthy again.
    Please St. Anthony i need my mother in my life She deserve s to be healthy again.

  40. Dear St Anthony, I implore your intercession to help me find my Laptop that I forgot in a taxi and also a for a financial breakthrough

  41. St. Anthony I am kneeling before your holy image and asking for prayer for my relationship and my family. Prayer for my work. Thank you.

  42. Dear st Anthony my miracle worker thank you for showing me sign and help me to stand thank you so much I’m still waiting for last agreement please be with us as you helped me from the beginning

  43. Dear St.Anthony whisper my prayers to Jesus Christ to grant my wishes to work in hamad hospital so I can support the needs of my family and my sick parents.Thank you for all the blessing that we recieved everyday from the help of your prayers.Amen

  44. Debra St.Anthony,pray for me my financial help so I can pay my rent open up my luck to win lots tonite and to receive a miracles blessing from you in Jesus name I pray.

  45. Please help my daughter to come back to our family and to come back to Jesus and his teachings. Please bring her back to a Christian relationship. I pray to you for this St. Anthony. Please help. Help her realize she needs to come back to us as she was before.

  46. Dearest St. Anthony, I have always come to You in my time of need and you have always been there for me. Today on this blessed day for my family I humbly come to You and earnestly pray to help us find what we misplaced to day. It is of great value, but of far more greater emotional value. You have always come to my aid and I believe You will help us today. I thank You for always being there for my family and me.

  47. St. Anthony, please hear my prayer, for my partner to be faithful, and for his lover stay away and him to leave her forever, and him never to leave anymore and for him to be with our daughter and I. So we can be a happy family together, please grant me my prayer, i have faith and trust in you, Amen

  48. Holy St Anthony
    Please intercede for me and grant me my petitions for the favours requested. I assure you that I will be ever grateful for your miracles and kindness and graces bestowed upon me

  49. Dearest Saint Anthony,
    Please pray for all of my special intentions. I believe in the power of miracles and through your intercessory prayer to Jesus. Please hear my prayers.

  50. St Anthony, Help me get my masters in Psychology. I need help. Help Kim. Make her be happy and content. Let her know she is loved. I like Pittsburgh. Hi Ed. Thank you for your smile. I pray you can answer everyone’s request. I pray for my friends. Protect me from cancer.

  51. St Anthony the blessed please intercede for my son’s studies that he obtain good marks and guide him to take a good decision for his future …I pray. Pls intercede for me. In Jesus name…Amen

  52. Blessed St. Anthony Thank you for hearing my prayers N restoring my lost jewels. Plz cure me, my sis n my spouse sickness. Also St.Anthony plz help us get a gud husband for my adopted daughter.

  53. St. Anthony please have my husband let go of all the negative feelings and attitude he has towards me. Have him realized I am his only true love and soulmate. Please have him reconcile our marriage so we can move on together with our son in a happy, loving family. Thank you.

  54. Dear St. Anthony, Please heal me and give me complete health. Please use me as a vessel to help others take better care of themselves on this earth. Please intercede on my digestive system and heal me in my entirety.
    Thank you.

  55. Saint Anthony, plea see intercede on my behalf to have Jason reach out to me with compassion of my broken heart! Thankyou! Saint Anthony, I love you in my life, I need you in my life, please make my times less deserted and give me the strength to accept what i cannot change, Amen!


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